Starts and Stops

There is a picture hanging on my bedroom wall of a vintage pink typewriter. I walk past that picture of the vintage typewriter, white molded keys and brushed bubblegum finish and my heart leaps at the sight of it- it calls to me and I identify so strongly. That typewriter personifies me, it is incandescently […]

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be still. and know.

My soul needed to get quiet. Art does that for me; it allows me the space to clear everything else away and just be with my thoughts, my breath, my God. The process of art is rarely beautiful, at least in the artist’s eyes. Usually whatever I’m working on transforms itself over and over and all […]

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That New Day

And that new day arrives…that ball in the sky peeks its head lazily through the filtered clouds and over the houses behind me and I open my eyes, even if reluctantly. I’m feeling lazy too and I haven’t had nearly enough sleep. Just ask me, I’ll tell you. Without much joy or motivation, I decide […]

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Even the Strongest of Us

Even the lightest of us, the most disciplined and grace-filled of us, even the ones most committed to keeping ourselves above the water line of positive/negative thoughts and to keeping others encouraged as a way of life…. Even those of us who know this is a good and glorious life, a grand life, oh such […]

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A Season or a Lifetime?

It’s hard, it’s so hard, it’s unspeakably hard. This tightrope act, this dichotomy of parenting through the whims and moods of a three year old at the same time I’m trying to adequately prepare one daughter for independent womanhood and another of my daughters for college, and to do what I can to prepare my […]

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Just a Quick Thought…

I’m on board with nearly anything that makes a girl feel confident in her own skin…but I think about something often: I want to be sure a girl is confident wearing something because of the way she feels when she wears it, not because of the way she feels when someone looks at her when […]

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Lake Lessons

My family and I went to the lake the other day and to my surprise, I had a splendid time. Let me first tell you: I’m not a lake girl. I’d love to say I’m drawn to water but mostly I’m drawn to warmth and sunshine and secure, dry ground. Sand is nice, because it’s […]

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