I’ve been an event MC for the past couple of days at a statewide medical conference. It’s been a cool opportunity and I’ve met some great people. Yesterday, by the end of day two, I felt like I was “worded out.” But, I still had a class to teach last night at Oh My Word Luxury Paperie.  I drove home late last night exhausted to the bone, feeling almost numb. I had been “ON” for so many hours. I had worn heels that were “stand for two hours” heels, not “stand for 6 hours” heels. I was dragging. 

But then as I drove through our city’s gorgeous downtown, I rolled down the windows and opened the sunroof. I began to notice people sitting on outdoor patios while enjoying a glass of wine, I began to appreciate the cool fall night air. 

I glanced upward and said THANK YOU; Thank you for this day, for these opportunities I’ve been given, thank you for the people I got to connect with. 

I turned up the volume on my music a little louder than was responsible, and I started singing. I said a little mental THANK YOU for the ability to drive to my home, in my car, and even a little THANK YOU for my terrible singing voice. 

When I arrived home, was I still exhausted? Sure. But I had such a better perspective. 

I was able to smile and give thanks for it all, and that left me blissfully, satisfied-ly ready to crash. It’s a good, good life. Sometimes in our busy-ness we can all lose sight of that. Make sure you take time to appreciate the little things and say THANK YOU today. ❤️ You may still be exhausted or overbooked or feel rushed, but it will change your perspective on things. Promise. 

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