Yes I Know

Yes I know I know I’ve been a little absent again. I promise I haven’t given up, so please dont give up on me. I’m praying every day that those I love won’t give up on me. I’m now recognizing g his many of us are all praying that same prayer: just please don’t give up on me.

 It’s been a hell of a transition year to be sure, one of a most unexpected journey. At the end of this year I hope I can say it’s one in which I’ve most certainly learned more about myself than before. I know I’m learning a lot about the way certain parts of the world work, certain systems and processes and people. I’m a student of the world, and I’m sure learning. I want to be sure I take away the right lessons. 

I keep praying people won’t give up on me… But I’m not giving up either. I’m not done learning. I’m not done fighting. In fact, my sense is the fighting is just getting started.  


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