And It Occurs to Me . . .

The journey has somewhat played out here for you to see, and yet you must know there are so many things which have happened on this roller coaster ride which I will keep to myself and my own family for quite some time yet, if not forever. Miss L’s journey with us began when she […]

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So Yesterday . . .

Yesterday is not today It was hard and it was dark and it was sad Ok. So this morning was, too But those moments are all in the past Every second and every minute That time ticks past Is over. Finished. New moments are ahead of me This moment is within me And I’m choosing […]

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I’ve been an event MC for the past couple of days at a statewide medical conference. It’s been a cool opportunity and I’ve met some great people. Yesterday, by the end of day two, I felt like I was “worded out.” But, I still had a class to teach last night at Oh My Word […]

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What in the world has happened? The last year and a half has flown by. And I don’t mean flown by in the pithy, nostalgic, “Gosh, where has the time gone?” kind of flown by. I mean it in the, “I’m reasonably certain everything is still intact, but I haven’t really had the time or […]

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My Best Advice . . .

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day. I had the opportunity to be a part of a conference dedicated to caring for the caregiver. A day which was intentionally designed to refresh their spirits and renew their tired and weary souls. I gave the opening keynote on The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon, and focused on […]

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This Unscripted Day

“God helped me relish, rather than resent, the unscripted nature of this day.”  I read that while I was waiting yesterday. I did quite a bit of that. Waited. I hadn’t planned my day like that, but I ended up being kind of a shuttle driver of sorts because it’s what was most needed. See, […]

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Yes I Know

Yes I know I know I’ve been a little absent again. I promise I haven’t given up, so please dont give up on me. I’m praying every day that those I love won’t give up on me. I’m now recognizing g his many of us are all praying that same prayer: just please don’t give […]

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